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For the past decade, I've been on a mission to empower incredible women to triumph over betrayal, leading over 120 of women to incredible transformations. But I'm not just a coach - I've also walked the walk, applying the very same 5 secret tools to my own life while raising two incredible children. Now, with one of them navigating the waters of fatherhood, I'm proud to say my kids are living happy, healthy, and successful lives. Let's rock this journey together!"

My Mission & Approach

Grace Intel Coaching's mission is to help clients to investigate the meaning of "Grace" and why it is needed to move forward in the process of "complete acceptance around the things we can not change."


Service Leader Resume

Service Leader Resume

20+ years social, community outreach, mentoring and leadership volunteer services

  6+ years small group trauma informed trainer (Human Trafficking Education)

  6+ years public speaking

  2+ years services on Board of Director Alive At Last

Community Outreach Positions


Celebrate Recovery

May 2003 – March 2009


Hunters Glen Baptist Church 

Leadership Team


Christ Fellowship 

12 Step TEAM 

Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church 

Co- Leader of Programs

12 Step Leader



Alive at Last

Volunteer Coordinator

April 2016 – 2021


Alive at last is a non-profit organization formed to mobilize Christian communities to mentor and support the exploited to build new lives through healing support groups, mentoring, and career coaching.

Alive at Last Board Member 11/01/2020  – Present

Volunteer Coordinator

Lead Volunteer Recruiter

Small Group Co – Facilitator

Mending the Soul Certification

Alive at Last Ambassador

  •   Co – Facilitator small group programs “Mending the Soul” (MTS) and Forgiving Forward
  •   Co-Host Empower Volunteer Orientation
  •   Site selection and recruiting sponsors for annual fundraising events 
  •   Recruited shelters for small group programs  
  •   Dallas Biblical Arts Museum Events site coordinator
  •   Ambassador to Executive Director regional lunches and conferences
  •   Texas AG office of North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking 
  •   Employed Internship for mentee in job transition
  •   Mentored two mentees through six-month program
  •   Trauma Informed Mending the Soul Certification
  •   Additional EducationConferences 

o   Going Deep Conferences

o   First Baptist Women’s Conference

o   Roaring Lambs Testimony Workshop

o   Dallas Dream Team Annual Event

o   2nd Saturday Alive At Last Empowerment Training


Collin County Churches 

 Hunters Glen Baptist | Cottonwood Creek | Prestonwood Baptist

Small Group Volunteer Leader

Dates: August 1997 – Present


o   Vacation Bible School Leader

o   Women’s Bible Study Leader

o   Divorce Care Children’s Program Director (DC 4 Kids)

o   Divorce Care Co – Facilitator

o   Mending the Soul volunteer leadership training Certification (2016)

o   Celebrate Recovery Director

o   Tablescapes Host 

"A good Intellectual Wellness coach helps their clients examine their own relationship with their own choices they make." -Delanna Hess, CCA, NLM


Basic Skills of a Grace Coach.


I don’t have an answer for everything, no not everything, but I do have a lot of experience with  seeking Intellectual Wellness, Psychology, Coaching, Recovery, Restoration, Reconciliation, Mindset, Small Groups, Betrayal, Trauma Informed Care and more but that is a good description to start with.

Intellectual Wellness.

My own personal life journey has depended on two key elements that have led me to the  Intellectual Wellness Coaching field.  

  1. The first is my own wrestling with my faith in Jesus and the efforts I have made to understand His place in my life and how much He loves and accepts me no matter how messy my life gets.  
  2. The second is the development of intellectual wellness-( which is being able to think logically and identify emotions and feelings and assess from a neutral perspective  throughout my journey of basic recovery from my own hurts, habits, and hang-ups)

Along my journey in both key areas,  I have had the need to seek wise counsel through counselors, sponsors, mentees,  small group sessions, recovery rooms, trial and error, face plant failures when being open to new ways of processing/growing in life, trusting again  and learning a new definition of  trust when betrayed.  

  • My experience has been through studying Psychology, NeuroScience, Coaching, Recovery and the 12 STEPS, plus Restoration, Reconciliation, Mindset adjustments, Small Groups, Betrayal, Trauma Informed Care and more. 
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